LEGO Alien Jungle

LEGO® Alien Jungle

The largest display by an individual builder at Bricks by the Bay 2018—and winner of Best Individual Large Display—the Alien Jungle is a truly massive creative diorama by RedwoodLUG founder Patrick Nieman. The model measures over 5′ 10″ x 16′ 8″ and was built from over 111,500 LEGO® elements over a period of eleven months.

The Alien Jungle diorama is divided by a massive mountain range. On one side, a peaceful native alien civilization conducts research at an extended base featuring ten residential buildings and two larger scientific facilities, all built in a unique alien architectural style. The buildings are located in verdant clearings in a jungle littered with alien moss and bushes. A system of paths connects the buildings, crossing over a stream flowing from a large lake on whose shores the flagship alien building rests. Beyond towering dark tan cliffs and a rushing river is an area of the jungle devoid of alien civilization. But there, on the banks of a wide river, a large Terran ship has crashed. Since the humans’ arrival, they have used parts of the ship to set up a small colony.

Overall, the Alien Jungle features an original and cohesive biology; its color-scheme is entirely unique and eye-catching. A canopy of carefully blended dark reds, purples, and oranges dotted with brightly colored flowers covers a darker and denser understory. This, combined with green and sand green meadows hosting bright white alien buildings featuring magenta and dark turquoise detailing, produces a visual experience unlike any other LEGO® creation.