The Redwood LEGO User Group is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating excellence in and appreciation for custom LEGO building.

RedwoodLUG’s founding members wanted to create a LUG dedicated to constructing high-quality and highly coordinated builds that would capitalize on the skills of its builders to achieve models that no single builder could have created alone.

RedwoodLUG takes great pride in its builds, following the LEGO Group’s motto that “only the best is good enough.” RedwoodLUG maintains both fun and learning in its collective efforts, encouraging its members to push themselves to new creative and technical heights. No project is complete until the greatest accuracy or maximum artistic merit has been reached.

The LUG specializes in architectural scale models and also works on creative minifigure-scale dioramas with unique and imaginative themes.

RedwoodLUG always strives to create highly polished builds and, as a purist organization, never utilizes third-party elements or unsanctioned building techniques that risk damage to LEGO® parts.

RedwoodLUG frequently designs its models digitally to allow for long-distance collaboration and low-cost editing before building with physical bricks. However, the LUG also has access to a parts and set library of over 650,000 pieces, allowing for large-scale prototyping and casual building.

RedwoodLUG’s members are highly diverse; the LUG welcomes all different kinds of LEGO fans, including those just returning to the hobby, and emphasis is put on teaching building techniques, software, and culture to newer fans. RedwoodLUG members form a unique and tightly-knit community in spite of, and because of, their varying backgrounds; the LUG believes that such a community is critical to preserving excellence and joy in LEGO building.

RedwoodLUG is a private club and membership is not currently open to the public, but this policy may change in the future.

Based in San Mateo County, California, RedwoodLUG operates both as a physical and virtual group, frequently collaborating over long distances on digital design and planning but also displaying annually at Bricks by the Bay. Consequently, members are accepted regardless of their locality or ability to physically attend meetings.