CSUS – Hillsborough

Crystal Springs Uplands School – Hillsborough Campus

This 1:333.375 model was designed by Patrick Nieman for the school’s CrystalBricks LEGO® Club. As the club’s most intricate model to date, it presented enormous design challenges, due to complex angles and the difficulty of capturing precise and complex shapes at a tiny scale. The model accurately depicts every single window, path, and tree on the campus and features the Crocker Mansion, the Uplands Building and Eric Borel Bovet Auditorium, the Gryphon Center, and the Head of School’s house.

As a result of the scale and intricacy, this model contains more than three times more parts per square inch than the CSUS Belmont campus model. The finished product, built over five months, contains 9,049 elements and measures over 21″ x 32″ x 3″. It won Best Microscale in the Scale Models category at Bricks by the Bay 2019.