CSUS Belmont

Crystal Springs Uplands School — Belmont Campus

In 2017, Crystal Springs Uplands School opened its new middle school campus in Belmont, California. For its 2017-2018 project, the CrystalBricks LEGO® Club designed and build a 1:114.3-scale model of the entire campus, including the Academic Center, the Multipurpose Building, and the Tony Komsan Gymnasium.

Seven CrystalBricks members contributed to modeling in LEGO® Digital Designer with supervision and primary design work by Patrick Nieman. Design work was particularly challenging because high-quality 3D images were not yet available from Google Earth, given that the campus had been completed so recently. Instead, club members used drone footage and manual measurements and photographs to complete the design.

Club members assembled the model over a period of five months, utilizing 12,706 elements. The finished product measures 47″ x 70″ x 4″. At Bricks by the Bay 2018, it won Most Accurate Scale Model. Today, it is on display in the Gryphon Center of the CSUS Upper School (Hillsborough) campus.